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Premium Access Control System Installation Services in Ottawa

Instant Locksmith Specializes in Access Control System Installation

Instant Locksmith is one of Ottawa’s veteran locksmith businesses with years of experience in locksmithing and security, providing services to homes and businesses in the Ottawa area. Instant Locksmith is proud to provide emergency services in Ottawa and as such we have a team on hand at all times, in case of any lockout emergency.

For more info on our access control systems installation in Ottawa call (613) 686-1498

Locksmith solutions are not only needed between nine to five, therefore we work twenty-four seven, three hundred and sixty five days a year to serve the Ottawa community. We also have a 30 minute arrival time to all calls in the area, in order to ensure that our customers have the minimal amount of downtime as possible.

Access Control Systems

So, what is an access control system?

Access control systems are electronic security systems which physically restrict the entrance into buildings or rooms to authorized people. The access control system will determine who is permitted to enter and exit a building or room.

When it comes to access control systems to protect your property there are a myriad of different types of solutions that can be implemented, depending on the purpose of the system and the situation.

You may be looking for a solution to limit certain rooms or areas to specific personal, to monitor entry and exit from the building or certain rooms, to manage access to certain places or at certain times.

When it comes to access control systems there are many different modes to choose from.

Some of the different systems include wire and wireless options for monitoring entire buildings or specific rooms, using phone or video entry.

There are many different types of access control system cards, such as cards with magnetic stripe cards or bar-codes, as well as biometric technologies including fingerprints, facial recognition, iris recognition, retinal scan, voice and hand geometry, and more.

All of the brands that Instant Locksmith uses have been tried and are highly recommended.  We will be happy to present the different brands and components to you.

Instant Locksmith’s experts work together with you to determine the most suitable and secure access control system for your premises and your needs and then we will work on a fully tailored solution for your needs.

Once the access control system is installed we will train you and your employees to use and maintain the systems.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you might still have about our any of our services and business, or to set up a meeting to discuss an access control system solution for your home or business.

For our access control systems installation in Ottawa call (613) 686-1498

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