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Broken Ignition Key Extraction in Ottawa

24h Broken Ignition Key Extraction by Instant Locksmith

Have you ever experienced the shock of breaking your house key or car key? Or have you ever stuck a key in the ignition or lock, turned it, and then had it get stuck or break to pieces inside the ignition or lock? If you haven’t seen that happen, you probably didn’t even know it could happen. Most of us who have difficult keys just continue on our way, forcing them into the lock and turning them as hard as we can to make them work. But the problem is, this can only make things worse and cause significant damage to both key and lock. Rather than forcing it, contact professionals at Instant Locksmith.

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We’re here to provide broken ignition key extraction, key repair, key replacement, lock replacement, or whatever else is necessary to get your key and lock/ignition back into working order. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our honest pricing, 30 minute response time, and excellent service guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.

What Happens When Your Ignition key Breaks inside the Ignition

Here’s what typically happens when your ignition key breaks inside the ignition. Usually it happens as a complete shock to you, and so you’ll respond by trying to fix it yourself (as though it’s not a big deal).

But it IS a big deal, because little do you realize, there could be multiple tiny pieces of metal stuck in the ignition now. If you somehow remove what you THINK could be all the broken pieces, and then you stick a spare key into the ignition, you could break that key, too, or you could cause electrical damage or worse. You could permanently damage the ignition itself, which is a far more costly repair than just replacing a broken car key. And usually it’s all because you’ve had a stubborn key for months and have been forcing it into the ignition, not recognizing that your hard use is weakening the key further.

Rather than risk damaging things further, why not call professionals? The only thing you should do in this situation is call professional locksmiths at Instant Locksmith. It’s a difficult skill to learn, broken ignition key extraction, and only professionals should be attempting it. With our help, all the broken pieces of the key will be completely removed and your ignition will be tested or repaired. We’ll also replace the broken key for you on the spot, since of course you’ll need it to drive away.

Save yourself the trouble of having to deal with even more costly repairs by allowing professionals to do the complicated and dangerous work of broken ignition key extraction Ottawa. Our technicians at Instant Locksmith will take care of it for you quickly and efficiently, and we’ll replace your key with quality keys that will reduce the likelihood of it happening again anytime in the near future. Protect your vehicle by having professional locksmith technicians at Instant Locksmith take care of necessary repairs for you.

For our broken ignition key extraction services in Ottawa call (613) 686-1498

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