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Expert Car Lockout Services in Ottawa

Instant Locksmith Provides 24/7 Car Lockout Solutions

As a driver, there are few things as frustrating as being locked out of your car. Whether it’s the wasted time or that stranded feeling, being locked out can simply ruin the day. For drivers based in Ottawa, a quick and easy lockout solution lays at the end of the telephone line. One call to Instant Locksmith and you’ll be back behind the wheel in next to no time.

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Auto lockout solutions in Ottawa

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about a car lockout is the fact that they should be easy to avoid. However, it’s also easy to lose or break a car key as you go about your daily business and, in some cases, it’s easier than you might think to lock your keys in the car. Even in this day of super-advanced technology. Whatever the reason you find yourself locked out, Instant Locksmith is here to help. Using traditional locksmith methods as well as the latest high-tech tools, our professional and licensed locksmiths can provide quick and easy reentry into your vehicle. Our average ETA for customers within the Ottawa region is just 30 minutes, so you can forget about waiting for hours and hours before help arrives.

24hr citywide coverage

Nobody plans on getting locked out of their vehicle, but you can almost guarantee that if it happens it will happen at the most inopportune of moments. At Instant Locksmith, we offer auto lockout assistance when and where you need it most. Our locksmiths are on-call 24 hours a day, providing coverage 7 days a week and 365 days a year. All statuary holidays are covered, so even if you find yourself locked out on Christmas Day or Canada Day, you’ll still have someone to call. We’re prepared to offer lockout assistance to any driver in the Ottawa region, wherever they are. All we ask is that you provide proof of ownership of the car first.

Benefit from our honest approach

In the locksmith industry, no other attribute tops honesty. Without honesty, a locksmith simply isn’t worth his salt. At Instant Locksmith, we put honesty first. If we say we can regain entry to your vehicle without damage, we’ll regain entry to your vehicle without damage. If we say that it might be necessary to completely replace a lock after regaining access, it’s because there is no other way. We’re not cutting corners. We also believe in honest and fair prices. We don’t ramp our prices up just because you’re in trouble and don’t have a choice. We keep our prices as low as possible and very competitive. What’s more, we never include hidden fees or any other unwanted surprises to our bills.

Other locksmith services available

As well as providing drivers across Ottawa with dependable auto lockout assistance, Instant Locksmith also offers a range of other services, including automotive locksmith services, residential locksmith services, and commercial locksmith services.

For our car lockout services in Ottawa call (613) 686-1498

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