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Top Class Key Cutting Services in Ottawa

Instant Locksmith Offers 24/7 Key Cutting Solutions

There are many reasons why it may be necessary to have a duplicate key made. It may be that you want to give someone their own set of keys, it may be that a set of keys has been lost and needs to be replaced, a key may be damaged and so a new one must be made in its place, you may want to have a duplicate key made so that you can give it to someone for safekeeping (for you to use in a lost key situation for instance), or maybe it’s just that you’ve had a new lock installed and it did not come with enough spare keys (most locks come with either two or three identical original keys).

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Whatever the situation is in your case, if you need a key cutting service in Ottawa we at Instant Locksmith are the ones to turn to. We are a local, Ottawa based, provider of comprehensive locksmith services, we can provide you with top class solutions to any key, lock or security system related issue, key cutting is naturally among the things we are called upon to do on a regular basis.

Any Kind of Key
At Instant Locksmith, we have both the professional knowhow as well as all the necessary equipment in order to be able to provide key cutting services for all types of keys. No matter what kind of key you need duplicated, or replaced in cases where there is no longer a key which can be duplicated, you can be sure that we at Instant Locksmith can do it for you. Since we provide all types of locksmith services, residential, commercial and auto, we offer key cutting services to keys used in homes, businesses as well as motor vehicles.

24 Hour Availability
As with any type of locksmith service key cutting may become needed unexpectedly at any time. In order to achieve our goal and truly provide Ottawa’s community with comprehensive locksmith services we must be able to respond immediately to any call, no matter when it may come in. Therefore we never shut up shop, not on weekends nor holidays, we work round the clock, 365 days a year, come rain, shine or high water. If you need key cutting services in Ottawa, no matter when this may be, you can be sure that we can provide you with them immediately.

On Spot Key Cutting, 30 min ETA
Being a local, Ottawa based, locksmith services provider we are closely familiar with the roads and typical traffic conditions in and around the city. Since we offer super fast, top quality on spot key cutting services we always have enough manned service vans so that we can send one over your way at a moment’s notice. We guarantee a 30 min ETA to any location within the greater Ottawa area.

Instant Locksmith is dedicated to providing top class locksmith services at highly competitive prices. Our key cutting service is no exception, we will provide you with duplicate keys which are every bit as good as the original ones, for a highly competitive price.

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